Why do guys want to string their ex girlfriends along?

What do guys gain from lying and keeping their options open?

It seems like it always ends up blowing up in their faces with one girl, usually the one they want to keep around more, finding out all the lies.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Shit happens

    • Guess that's one perspective

What Girls Said 1

  • i think most guys/ most people at one point in their lives think they can do better so they would like to keep their options open. And typically speaking the one that they want to keep around the most tends to blow up first because that person has had enough and it's time for them to break free.

    Honestly Guys keep their exs around to make sure they know they have a plan available.

    and guys are emotionally people at times-- and sometimes they can't decide what they want either..so thus they'd want to string their ex along...until something happens which forces him to decide who he wants.

    ..I'm letting my ex string my along. We were madly in love, broke up for a very stupid reason and ended up being his Fwb... Knowing this is all wrong , I'm choosing to believe his reasons but sometimes I can't help but wonder about certain things..have you ever gotten this feeling?


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