Website automatically added ex as I message him?

I was just signing up for this running website that helps track your runs. I knew my ex was on it but I did NOT was to be in contact with him. When you sign up it automatically tracks down people in your address book and adds them as your friend so it added him! I deleted him right away but I'm sure it emailed him or something. Do I message him and say "sorry, it added you autmatically"? Do I just ignore it and continue to use the site? Or do I delete my account and just pretend it never happened.

He broke up with me a month and a half ago. It wasn't a horrible breakup but we had dated for over 2 years so its still weird not being together. I haven't spoken to him since because it was a long distance thing and cutting off contact was easy, well... easy to do but not like.


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  • Say nothing. If he sends you a message then you can reply and explain what happened. Then leave it at that.. You have nothing to be worried about


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