Does my ex still want me back?

He broke up with me over a month ago over something petty, he started contacting me after around a week, I ignored. He told me he wants me back after two weeks, the break up had hurt me though and I wanted us to talk properly first. After three weeks he was saying he misses me, wants me, doesn't want to be without me, etc, so I agreed to get back together with him even though we hadn't talked things out. I broke up with him after only 4 days because he didn't communicate with me and ignored me a lot.

A week later he started messaging me again, accusing me of talking about him when I hadn't been, it seemed like a way to get me to respond before he began apologising again saying the week we got back was the anniversary of a family members death and he was hurt, didn't want to talk to anybody and handled it badly and he's sorry for not talking to me about it. A few days later (today) I got more apologies, that he messed us up, he was just stressed with work and he made a mess of our relationship because of stress and he didn't mean to but now he wants me in his life still and my friendship, talked about what went wrong in our relationship and why he acted a certain way with things, he misses me and thinks about me a lot and would like to see where we go in the future. I said no to us being friends. I just see it as if he wants me in his life time shouldn't matter and what's going on in his life shouldn't matter. He's talking out what went wrong, and going from wanting me back to friendship so we are in contact, it's so confusing. But does he still want me?


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  • Once he cheated u it's not guarantee he do again the same


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