Ex left me for another woman less than two weeks, asked for NC but feel like messaging him for answers-good idea or not?

Long story short: I was in a relationship with an older guy (I am 25, he is 49) for a few months, was pretty great and the guy asked me to move in with him and started talking about having a kid. About 1.5 months ago, I left the country to go abroad for a month long holiday at my hometown; he took me to the airport and we kept on talking everyday/exchanging pictures everyday, as always. Two weeks after I left, he also left for work abroad (he works at sea and stays there for weeks at a time) but we kept talking everyday. Then, completely out of the blue, he sends me a FB message telling me that he has met someone he really cares about and whom he feels "very special" about, that he wants to play fair and be open to what it brings and that he was telling me then because he didn't want to be "disrespectful" towards me. I asked when did he meet her and he said that they met after I left on holiday. He said that he thought it best that we didn't write to each other at all anymore, that he enjoyed his time with me and he wishes me all the best because I'm a very "special woman" (BS). A week after that, he changes his relationship status on FB and has all his friends congratulating him on his relationship. The new woman (he posted a pic of her bragging about her to his friends but then deleted it) is older than me, looks about 38-40.
Of course, I now feel devastated. I told him that he really hurt my feelings and he just said that he was sorry and didn't intend to. I want answers and am not satisfied, I feel played and have lost all self-confidence, as he just threw everything he ever said he felt for me away as soon as I left and didn't even think for a second to give me a chance. It burns me that it happened like that, and also why the hell he thinks that their thing can be more serious than what we had-why did he choose her over me? If was looking for someone closer to his age from the start, why did he ever get involved with me? I feel like breaking NC and asking...


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  • Please do not break the NC or else you will look desperate, clingy, needy and unattractive. Which will only turn off your ex and drive him away far away from you and towards his new woman. I know it hurts because I have been there too. But have the courage and will power to not contact him anymore. Cut all means of communication with him. What you need right now is to heal and get over the hurt that he caused you... :/ For you to heal is cutting him off. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is the right thing to do.


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