The Rob saga part 2?

Him: I have absolutely said this two times before and of course I didn't say things verbatim but I've said this it's what I mean but we somehow keep letting it continue. No sarcasm no laughing not "similar". I was never confused I've said it now three times and it's sticking this time because this is exactly what I knew you would say and your trying to downplay what I've said and act as if it wasn't ever said.
So this is the third time you've said this. I know, it's been since May. I didn't mean I was laughing or being sarcastic with you.
I just meant I knew where you question was leading. Well, it is confusing to me, granted you may not be confused and I do know what you have said, We basically did what a dating couple does just without the title of dating and that's okay so please don't take me the wrong way. I'm trying to explain how that would be a little confusing to me. I do hear what you are saying.
Still me:
( again just normal talking / discussion voice)
It almost seems as if you are/ were confused. I've always known what I wanted. You moved in and moved out. Have said things like this before then come back around. Stopped talking to me for days or weeks. Then start talking to me again. Said you miss me, text me a lot, then read and don't reply or even ignore me. Have been so hot and cold. I remember you saying cause you were trying to just remain friends with me. But I guess this is where my confusion came from.
I'm not trying to be argumentative. I hope we can hang out and continue to talk. I really hope to hear from you: )
No reply from him
What is he thinking?
Anyone else find this confusing?
The Rob saga part 2?
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