Broke up because of long distance in college, but she wants to be single in college. Should I wait for her until she's ready for a relationship?

So i got into a relationship in the summer with a woman who i was really compatible with and we had this incredible connection. I'm 19 and she's 18. She lived 30 minutes away and driving was really easy so i could see her often. So once we got into a relationship, it was so incredible, we'd always video call each other so much. But knowing my past relationships, i didn't want to get attached too quickly and didn't want to put too much feelings with her. And pretty much after 2 months we were so close and we literally were so honest and said everything. Where we knew if we broke up, we would still be amazing friends. And she was going to college, just 82 miles from my home. And once she got there we agreed our relationship would be open because she wanted to have the whole college experience and i wanted her to have that experience after basically her whole life being restricted by her family, and she finally has independence. And I wanted that for her, but one day she told me she wanted to break up because she just wants to be single, be stupid, and she's not ready for a relationship. Now i could still come and cuddle with her it's just i lose calling her my babe, saying i love you, video calling a lot, and especially thinking about the our future. The amazing thing is that we are still really close and i've been hurt from the break up still but she's caring how i feel and i'm caring how she does. But a part of me wants to wait for her to be ready for a relationship because it's so hard to see myself with anyone else, even though we have known each other just for 4 months. But she never wants me to leave her life and I don't her to leave my life either. And I get excited for her when she haves fun at parties or has sex with a guy because I want her to do what she wants being single even though it kinda hurt knowing she had sex with a person. Meanwhile I've felt a bit of loyalty to her still and want just her. What should I do?


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  • I think this is kind of common , often distance becomes too much when people are far away and at different schools. so you need to keep that in mind


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