🙂🙃 Will I ever be happy?

I can't stop thinking about my ex boyfriend that I was with for a year and we've been split up for like 3 years and split up on good conditions (he recently come to my grandads funeral after I hadn't spoken to him in a few months or seen him in like a year) .. I miss him but don't like some of friends and he's always with them and when I was with him he seen me everyday because he wanted too whether it'll be he come over to my house or we'd go to his house and his friends came over or we went out with them and then when it come to weekends I'd be at his house all weekend washing his car, modifying his car or we'd go away to his family friends house but his friends used to come too and I don't like some of his friends, I want to be with him but don't want to drag him away from his friends, I have severe anxiety and struggle to be with others at times but don't want to have him missing out on being with his friends because of me.. what should I do?😔 He knows I struggle being with them but I do things with his friends so he's not missing out and he tries to comfort me and encourages me to do what they're doing so I have a good time too but it's too hard on me at times.. I love him and I can't stand to see him go completely


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  • Bubba, have you tried to say that to him? Maybe you should also go out with your own friends as well... or tell him that you prefer spending time just with him..

    • I do go out with my friends and tried to go when he was out with his friends but he always wanted me to be around him, I've told him and sometimes he'd take it on board and he'd take me out for a drive or we'd have movie nights but his friends just randomly show up to his house.. he's got two older brothers, he's the youngest he's 22 on our birthday but they are all close and share the same friends so everyone just randomly shows up even tho he says we are going to have "us" time they always show up and once one comes over about 6 others show up so it's kinda annoying when you just want to have "us" time every now and then but we don't get it or we have "us" time for about 2 hours until they tell him to go out with them or they'd come over and then they'd go out and i hate that I have this issue because I have strong feelings for him but don't know if I can put up with that again, it's almost like being in a relationship with about 8 other people because I seen them that often

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    • I wish everything was black and white, there's lots of grey areas

    • If you want you can text me on private and I can try to help you.. I'm a good listener... :)

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  • Whether it's with him or somebody else yes you're going to be happy that's your choice it's a choice on how you want to feel it's a choice to be confident with yourself your beautiful girl you should be able to take on the world before you get a boyfriend find that little piece with inside yourself that you're missing and maybe you're not missing maybe you just have an open that door

  • with this smile and those boobs, yes you will

  • you don't need that


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