Will he do to her what he did to me?

There is this guy I'm madly in love with. I've been on and off with him for 5 years but got serious 2 years ago. Long story short he used me for everything. He used me for my money, sex, EVERYTHING & I've never got nothing from him. Back in June I told him I was quitting my job and he completely changed and stop hanging with me the way he use to. Some new girl moved in across from me. He is trying to hook up with her. I feel so hurt and my self confidence has been shattered. She has her own place, drives a jeep, and has 4 kids. I'm wondering if he lost interest because I still live with my mom, I and don't drive. I honestly feel like he has a personality disorder. He's either a narcissist, sociopath, something. He runs hot and cold. I'm really trying to get over him. Any suggestions? I feel like I was used and tossed to the side. Am so Heart broken right now. Not to mention he's a manipulator and mentally abusive. He's always trying to make me jealous with other females by bringing them on me or flirting with them at parties. Has he really moved on that fast? I'm shocked


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  • Hanging out with friends and family, helps close the gap a person leaves in your heart after you break up


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