My ex girlfriend dumped me for someone else now she want the car I helped her to buy do I give it back?

I bought a car for my girlfriend on fineance then she left me for someone else and she gave it back now after a few days she wants if back do I give it back


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  • I'd ask her for the money in your share if she wants it

    • She gave it back now after a few days she messaged me and was asking for it back

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    • Yes it's in my name

    • Then technically it's your car.

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  • whos name is on the title/logbook? if its you then just buy her out of it and fuck her off out your life

    • It's in my name I got it on fineance for her she payed for it but still own money

    • so tell her she either buys you out or gets her new man to buy her another car... law is on your side

    • if you keep the car though its only right you give her any money she put towards it minus running maintainance and depreciation since the time you got it

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  • Are you still paying on it? If so, have her get a loan to pay off the balance and transfer title to her. Is if paid for? Then just let her have the damned thing. In 20 years you will not think any of this shit was worth arguing over.


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  • I'd ask her to pay you as much as you paid for the car originally. Seems fair to me.

    • She thinks it's her car cause she put some money in it

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