Ex girlfriend unblocked me from Facebook and messaged me, now what?

We were together almost 2 years, and she left 3 months ago. She left on peaceful terms and said she needed to work on herself and I deserved someone better, even though it broke my heart. Well a few weeks ago I bought myself a new truck. I had been talking about it while we were together but never purchased one. Fast forward to yesterday morning, she unblocked me and messaged me asking if I traded my Yukon in on a new truck. I didn't know what to do so I didn't even open the message until last night. Turns out I can't reply because we're not friends on Facebook. I commented on one of the old posts she tagged me in when we were together letting her know that I can't reply to the message. Haven't heard anything since. Now what? I miss the girl with all my heart. I moved 4 hours from friends and family to be with her and now I'm here alone after she left.


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  • You can't reply because you two aren't friends? If you can't reply, it's because she's blocked your messages. This is done on a per-user basis so she must have done this AFTER sending you the message. I think she either regretted trying to talk to you or she's playing a game. Either way, I'd ignore her because it's hard to imagine how this could have been an accident on her part.

    • You can set it so people that are only friends with you can message you. She ended up reblocking me a few days later. I asked her sister about it and she said she did it while she was drunk one night. Sounds like a winner to me.

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