My ex boyfriend posted a video on his Snapchat story of a song about having not learn to say goodbye (lyrics included). What does that mean?

I cheated on him so we broke up, with him saying he still wants to be friends. I want to get back with him, but the lyrics are as follows. Should o hold onto hope or let go of it?

The lyrics went as follows:
"I haven't learnt to say goodbye
Don't know if I'll get used
Looking into your eyes like this
I know it will be engraved in mine
The mark of this look

I don't have anyhting to say
Only the silence will speak for me
I know how to keep my pain to myself
Even with all this love, it will be
Better this way

I haven't learnt to say goodbye, but
I have to accept that lovers
Come and go, they are birds of summer
If you have to leave me, do it
Happy, then

I haven't learnt to say goodbye
But I'll let you go without tears
In my eyes -- if this farewell hurts,
Winter will pass and erase the scar"


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  • Honestly I didn't even read the lyrics, do him a favor and let him move on. Trust me it's going to take a long time for him to trust women again. He deserves someone better, if you love him the way you think he does than let him be. Let him find someone else or let someone else find him when the time is right.


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  • Leave him alone, you broke his heart.


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  • I hope he doesn't get back with you. you'll just cheat on him again and have to go through the same heartbreak again. Not worth it.

  • Hopefully you don't have a shot at all if he has some common sense.

  • 50:50


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