Why doesn't she get what I got?

My ex treated me badly - he neglected me, treated me like I was a convenience, and then dumped me for another girl (who he is no longer with - I think he might've pissed her off as well). But anyway, about 6 months ago he started dating this other girl, and from what I can see from her Facebook, she's deliriously happy with him - posting all sorts of cutesy couples selfies and photo collages of them, and showing off how he met her family after less than a month of dating. Obviously she wouldn't be grinning madly in every photo if he were treating her badly - why does she get this better side of him, and I didn't? Why can't she see him for the douche he is?


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  • 1. People only post/show what they want you to see, so you never really know whats going on with them. 2nd maybe he realized his past mistakes and is making the changes with her, you can't compare how he was with you and how he is with her currently, he could've taken it as a lesson with you. I know it seems weird and makes you mad, upset or sad but people change all the time.


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