Ex girlfriend liked my instagram post?

Ex and i broke up about 4 months ago. She liked my instagram post for the first time since the break up. Why?


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  • I wouldn't think too much of it... she might just reminiscense for old time's sake or liked the picture. Who broke up and do you want her back? She might just feel guilty... my ex actually watched my stuff/liked my posts just because he felt guilty and sadly I read too much into it //weeps

    • she said she needed space and she broke up with me. she is kind of having a bit of a stalkish behaviour giving any girls i tlak to the cut eye.

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    • we don't really talk to be honest. the only time i'll ever talk to her is when she talks to me. but she hasn't engage in conversation.

    • Aw I see :/ then she probably just liked the picture

What Guys Said 1

  • because... reasons? you haven't provided enough facts about your relationship or her personality for me to speculate. or you could just message her and say "hey, i saw you liked my stuff, why? i thought you hated me." to get her to explain why.

    • she said she needed space. she behaved as if she wanted me to chase her after the break up. but i didn't chase.

    • Then its likely she still wants you to chase her. She's one of those women that feel the need to be pursued by a man to feel that his feeling for her are genuine and make her feel validated in the relationship.

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