How do I get over a breakup? We were together for 2 years. How do I move on?

my boyfriend of 2 years broke up with me a week ago today. I've never felt more broken depressed and hurt in all my life. Im 25 and he's 22. He told me that he is not happy the past few months we were having small arguments on and off, he said he was not in love, and he lost feelings. I feel so broke I was not expecting this. I thought he was the one for me. He blocked my phone number, and before he did he said over text we are never getting back together it is what it is to leave him alone and stop texting him. im a mess I can't eat or sleep or think straight I told him how special he is to me and that he means the world to me and he had nothing to say to that. How does a guy just block someone's number he was together with for 2 years. how do I move on? I really think I will never speak to him ever again because he wants nothing to do with me. my numberhe blocked anyway.


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  • Just read your post again, you will get one right feeling, that you don't want to get this low in your life. Once you feel it. Embrace the fact that it wasn't going to last anymore. Let it sink in. I know it is not a switch. Give yourself time. But don't loose the grip on yourself. You are much better. Thinking about these questions are past now you can't change your past, you know it very well. Rather focus on what you love.


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