Someone help me understand my ex? please

i dated my ex for 2 months...he was sweet in the beginning and then he wanted me to have sex w/him he turned into a jerk...he knows that I care about me but I want to wait until marriage so he broke up twice because I chose not to...but I always tried to get back with him but he didn't want to because if the fact I would play with him.. and then I told that I loved him and that I cared about him...anyways he works in front of my store so I have to see him everyday he works at this bungee jump thing they have in the I got tried of texting him and for 2 months I wouldn't text him or try to talk to him anymore..and now all the sudden he stares at me all the time...i know this because I have caught him doing it and the girls that work with me laugh at him because he hides on the poles to see me and tries to play it off..sometimes we do eye contact and he plays it off...he even talks about me to the people around me...

so I decided to text him and told him we have to talk and he responded what you want to talk about so I told him I think its childish that we can't even say hi to each I mean we work in the mall we can at least say hi..and he told me friends? I was like yes

and then he had the nerve to say why? you still haven't giving up?

so I got mad and said give up on what? what do you mean? I gave up on you a long time ago..i said just he was being a smart ass and ii told him well you know what then I guess you don't want to be..but do me a favor you need to stop w/the staring and talking about me because its pathetic that you do but thanks for the talking about me and he said your I don't know know if he got upset that I told him about being friends...i don't know want he wants me to tell him yea I still care about u..and he still does the staring thing...someone help me understand him?


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  • I know this is way late but, sounds like he's just trying to make you miserable ignore him and do like naturally said find someone worth your time and effort they are out there. Don't waste anymore time on him. Stick with your moral choices (like you did its worth it)Take care


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  • He's a loser! and I don't really understand he's stupidity

    He's not even worth the breathe it takes to say "hi". Ignore him, don't even speak to him

    Any asshole who would dump sum1 because they wouldn't have sex with him is a womanizer.

    You are worth so much more. Find a guy that respects you and your morals and your wishes to wait until marriage (I am 2) and when you find that guy...makeout with him in front of that loser! lol...or take the high road and just be happy with the new guy.

    Seriously ignore him, trust me nothing drives a guy crazy than something he can't have. And you make sure he never gets you! otherwise you're only in for heartache.

    Find another guy you can play "hard-to-get" with, guys love the chase!

    P.S. "don't do a thing if you ain't got that ring" (wink)

    • Thanks so much....i have to see him everyday I work and its so arkward...he has a staring problem..he does this today I was working and the other associate was like omg he's so stupid he's in the elevator and trying to see if you are there..but he tries to play it off...why would you talk about someone so much too?.

    • I need some guys point of views?? what do you think about this guy?

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