Girlfriend Issue?

Girlfriend stopped talking to me on my birthday. Recently blocked on all social media. Nothing was wrong with us but she was living with her ex and they have an abusive past. Any thoughts on why she did it or any suggestions on how to move on?


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  • Your in a super sucky situation and it sounds like you don't deserve what's happened to you. I'm really sorry.

    I'm hoping for your sake she doesn't come crawling back at some point and being you right back down as there is nothing worse.

    You have to try and be strong and see her for who she is and what she's done. Surround yourself with good people at this time, friends and family that you can lean on and trust and will be there for you to listen and help you through this shitty patch.

    Keep yourself busy with anything, distractions are good and keep your mind off it.

    I know everyone says it but time will make it easier. And in time you will be around good people and you will see you deserve better!!

    Chin up. She sux.


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