Is he lying to me?

This may sound a little stupid but my ex and i seperated 2 months ago, he has since said it was a joke but we both know that we love each other but i seem to stress out and get mad at all the stupid little things and have said some harsh words while he's been quite calm towards me. Well i know it sounds really stupid and i've always trusted him but now we aren't together and a few times he's joked that he's seeing someone else coz he knows it makes me jealous but he has one girl on his facebook and i've been quite wary of it since before we split when she liked or commented on nearly all his posts. Well yesterday i had a look at his account and it seems all the relationship posts i. e fake proposal or gaming vs girlfriend posts she has reacted too. Then she commented on one of his posts with an X at the end. I know it could be nothing but i am unsure if something is going on or if she likes him but he is unaware of her feelings? He's told me he loves me and wants nobody else which i believe to an extent but he works with this woman and it's really starting to wind me up because he's also holding off on sorting our relationship out. It's harder to walk away because we also share 5 children.


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  • Omg u have 5 children from him!
    Can u pm me I wanna hear u.


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