Why'd my feelings get so strong?

We were friends and all but we both liked each other. Then my stupid ass feelings got in the way because I was (am) so close to actually loving him and I decided I should distance myself and he reluctantly agreed and now I'm hurt but I don't know why, and I don't know what to do 😭


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  • Why did you decide to distance yourself? Why not just convert it to a relationship?

    The very best relationships are the ones in which you go from being best friends to being a dating couple.

    Granted, you're 16, and 16 is usually too young to date seriously, and you should only date best friends if you're completely serious about it. I don't mean that in a derogatory manner towards you, it's just that the absolute earliest I've ever seen a couple start a relationship that led to marriage is 17; and I've seen many couples. Students don't reach their adult form until 20-21, and many dramatic personality changes can happen between 16 and 21.

    But the big story I'm getting here is that you probably should've dated him, provided that you're willing to date anyone at your age. Go find him and rebuild that friendship.

    • Haha I'm more mature than I seem mostly because of what I've been through and it's not so "YES I WANNA MARRY YOU" as it is more living im the moment thing. Im the type of person... i had one boyfriend ever, his parents mentioned marriage, and I dropped him real quick

    • Ik it seems like I'm contradicting myself but maturity and the want for marriage are two different things

  • Panda calm down I'm sure he's making a big mistake 🙌

    • It's my bad here. I don't know I'm just... anxiety

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    • Oh well I can't message u either unless u are following me 😅

  • Damn emotions

    • @SuccessfulHornDog Im literally tryin not to cry rn. Like I don't know... i guess shit went down and i felt so numb for a while and then like this crap happens

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    • Oh no no. We didn't have the whole benefits part. We just knew we liked each other but like i guess his type of liking was waaaayyy more casual

    • Sorry girl. We've all been there

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