He still calls me "babe"/"baby". Should I seduce him regardless of the girl he's currently seeing?

He tells me it's a slow trainwreck with the girl he's seeing now and honestly she's not pretty enough, and I've told him this (because we're still on talking terms and it's permissible for me to say that kinda thing to him. I requested that he please at least see someone prettier than me, to which he said, "But that's hard, you're really pretty!") So, I feel like he does still love me (?), but I did tell him a month or so back that I really wanted him back, and I asked if I should go find someone else rather than wait for him, and he told me to go find someone else!!! But I don't know if that was his pride talking because I was the one who initiated the breakup, and he does still accidentally call me baby/babe. I don't know if it's completely accidental because we've been broken up for 5 months now, and it still happens every time we meet up once in a while for say lunch, a movie, or like last week he brought my stuff over.

Last week when he dropped by, we had an honest chat and I cried and told him I was so wrong to throw him away, and that i'd been nearly depressed over him. He told me not to worry about the woman he's seeing now, that she's just a "short term thing" because he doesn't even know which country he'll be in 6 months from now cuz he's trying to sort his career out, and that I'm still very special to him.

Should I just seduce him when I get the chance? I feel like maybe he's seeing this one now cuz he was probably sex starved by the end of our relationship -- we had incredible sex at the beginning and then we went almost completely sexless for 1.5 years. Cuz i got on the pill and my libido disappeared. Ugh, I bet I could make him c*m harder than that b*tch right now tho. Urgh!! So pissed. Should I try to get the chance to do it? I kinda don't want to have to wait for them to be officially broken up. !!
He still calls me "babe"/"baby". Should I seduce him regardless of the girl he's currently seeing?
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