Is there a chance he comes back?

Hi. My ex and i broke up 6 weeks ago, we broke up a couple of times before but always found our way back to each other. We were in a relationship for 1 year. We did fight a lot and that might be because both of us are kind of jealous but the feelings did never burn out for me or him. I have spent a lot of time with his family and they like me a lot. A week ago i started missing him and i realized how much i love him. So i told my friend how i felt and asked her if she could talk to him. She did and she told him how i felt and he said that he misses me and he loves me but he can't get back with me, he didn't say why but he was afraid of talking to me because he didn't want to fall back. A couple of days later i texted him and told him everything. He didn't block me but he didn't respond either. The next day i called him on secret number and he answered. I asked him do you love me but he said that he is not going to answer that question. Then i asked are you going to get back with me and he said i am not going to decide that now. But i am 100 % sure he still loves me. The same thing happened 4 months earlier when we broke up. I started missing him after 3 weeks but he didn't want me. Then he came back 2 months later when i had moved on. Is there a chance he comes back again?


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  • You need to stop breaking up. Quitting relationships should change you. If you both are so immature, you'll never find happiness. Break each other down once or twice about what's real to you, & what's not, then go from there. Either its worth it long term, or its never going to change. You have to grow & you'll be alright.

  • You will definitely get him back he loves you

    • That made me really happy to be honest!

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