Is he being honest, or trying to make me jealous?

My ex said something about wanting other girls ass in his face to me then he said oh why are you getting mad why are you getting mad? aftwerwards Why would he say something like that to me


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  • He's your ex.. so Why are you getting mad?

    • I wasn't mad I maintained my happy voice over the phone an asked why he would say something like that to me which he said why are you getting mad which I said its just disrespectful and I dont talk about other guys to you

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    • What would I get out of telling him that? Nothing probably have him bring that up just like he brings up other things

    • To be honest with you he shouldn't told you that. not coz you are a girl. Coz you were together so he was a dick for telling you this but boys are boys they love big boobs and butts and etc.

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  • He's an asshole trying to get under your skin


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