What's the worst thing you've ever done?

The worst thing I've ever done is something I have never told anybody about and I am very ashamed for doing it.

My ex cheated on me after two years of me going though hell trying to help him with his alcohol/money/ex wife problems. He made so many promises to me (I stupidly believed him) and made a total fool of me. Throughout this time he had also been committing fraud at work, driving drunk and high to work and throwing sickies off work. I called them up anon and told them everything.

Within three months he lost his job, lost his house and I hear is being prosecuted for fraud. All because of me. It was totally out of character of me to do this and I would never do it again, but I do feel very guilty for it.

Answer anon, do whatever you have to do but do tell. Do you regret it or not, how did it make you feel and what happened to the other person?


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  • cheating on my boyfriend with his best friend ... I will never forgive myself and still I feel guilty!

    • Why did you do it?

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    • Thats a shame when you are with a nice guy but the sex is crap! you feel like everything would be perfect were it not for that one thing. This has happened to me too, I didn't cheat but I ended things with him and I still felt bad because he was so cut up and wanted to know why, I didn't have the heart to tell him it was the sex. Thanks for sharing!

    • Well I guess we are the only people who have done something wrong lol, so you get best answer. Thanks!

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