Girls, My girlfriend left me because I betrayed her trust. She messages me at night every once in a while. Is there a chance she will take me back?

I have never loved anyone so unconditionally as I loved her. She is my yin to my yang, but I had a darkness inside of me. I have trust issues and I had tapped into her instagram messages to see if she was messaging other guys. When I found out that she was not messaging anyone and that she was completely faithful to me, it brought me peace and I was able to move forward with our relationship. My idiotic mistake was not to delete the app in which allowed me to see her messages and since she never messaged anyone I forgot it was even there. Our relationship progressed and became so powerful full of love not just for each other but for our children as well. We became the perfect little family... until one night I was woken up by a notification. She had messaged her ex in the middle of the night, a simple "hey". I woke up anxious and could not stop pacing back and fourth. He responded a couple hours later saying "hey what's up?". At that moment I deleted the app and tried to think logically. I knew that she was faithful to me and there had to be a reason why she messaged him. I couldn't get over it and the next day she knew something was up. I confessed to what I did and she was shocked/pissed/betrayed... I hurt the only one I truly loved and she left me for it. Said she couldn't be with someone she couldn't trust. It has been 3 weeks and I have sought counseling for my trust issues and I am willing to do anything to make this right. I cannot see myself with any other woman and it breaks my heart to know how distant we have become. She messaged me last night around midnight and asked how I was. She said she was thinking about me and that she was sorry she messaged me, she said she shouldn't have... is there a chance that she will forgive me and continue the love that once burnt soooo strong? :(


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  • It's been three weeks. You haven't changed at all. She can't trust you because you can't trust her. You should not date anyone until you learn how to not be a jealous psycho.


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