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Recently I just broke up my boyfriend and I want us to go back to being friend. Why do I said that? Because people around us is connected so we are bound to see each other everyday. Does it takes time for us to being friend again. I know it's gonna be hurt but I don't want us to be stranger. Help me.


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  • Not gonna happen so get over it

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    • They move on and both side already in relationship and still with their current partner.

    • Not for long if exes are still involved

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  • you guys cannot be strangers again. You and him already knew each other. Why break up in the first place?

    • Communication problem and both have personal reason.

    • okay, as long you both want to remain civil towards each other in a nice manner.

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  • lol "just friends". that's a laugh

    • Why is that.. We are friend before , so why can't after

    • hahahahah

What Girls Said 1

  • There is no going back to " just friends " . It doesn't work like that.

    • True you end up catching each other start to have feelings and things turn bitter

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