What would you say to your boyfriend's or girlfriend's ex?

I would NEVER ever actually say this to her but this is what I would say if I could say anything I wanted to her:

You are a whore! and my boyfriend hates you. when we talk about you, we will just call you that whore that should die. My boyfriend would be super happy if he found out you died in a car accident. all you did was use him and others for sex and you used people for money and to drive you around. you're not even that pretty, and you're heart is evil. if you had kids, they will be the devil's children. evil and pathetic just like you. you use people and you're wicked. you even have the wickedosity bumper on your facebook because you know you f*** everyone up even if they are nice to you. you are just using your current boyfriend right now. no one likes you, that's why you moved to ojai ca... no one wants to see your ugly face. everyone knows you as the town whore. my boyfriend only got trapped in your ugly mess because you tricked him to f*** you, becuase you lied to him that you were nice but you were a blood sucking vampire bitch. all these names I didn't make up, my boyfriend called you these things. he never wants to see your ugly stupid face ever again. he hopes you die soon.

yeah, but I don't really know you. just that you're a terrible person and to stay away from you. we all hate you very much and thank God you know that and moved to a small town and is hiding from everyone you btich.


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  • Wow, that sounds incredibly mean and spiteful. I can only hope whoever you're wishing all this on actually deserves it.

    Only one of my boyfriends had exes, and to them I would say:

    High five, sugar. You realized that he's an asshole, too? Awesome, let's be friends. Say, I don't have his facebook password anymore, but let me tell you, there are messages on there from all of his exes and they all say the same thing. I wish you could have seen it, because, boy, it was a riot.


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  • I would say:

    GTF OVER YOURSELF! You are honestly not that pretty. You're cute, but not NEARLY as cute as you seem to think you are. You have a weird-ass clown smile, a nose that's tiny on the top and all weird and bulbous on the bottom, and squinty too close together eyes! I am 100x prettier than you will ever be, so stop acting like you are so much better than me-- and everyone else around you. YOU'RE NOT, 'princess.' (since she has Princess as her middle name on facebook)

    Stop trying to be best friends with my boyfriend's sister. It's crazy, weird, and pathetic. She doesn't even really like you anyway... she thinks you're just as crazy as I do.

    Stop trying to be friends with me on facebook-- not happening. I don't need you creeping on my life, and I honestly don't care to see what's going on in yours. You're a worthless bitch. All I would see is posts from random guys and your one friend anyway...

    Stop trying to show up at places you know my boyfriend and I will be. You don't need to meet me, you don't need to 'approve.' He doesn't care about your approval, hun. HE LOVES ME. And by the way, you acted like a complete fool when I did meet you, grinding on my bf's best friend to try to make him jealous.. it was pretty funny actually, considering his friend just STOOD THERE while you grinded on him for 10 minutes straight...

    You are an absolutely disgusting person, and even if you weren't my BF's ex I would still completely dislike you as a person. You are the exact kind of girl I hate, you are a self-centered, egotistical, manipulative, DISGUSTING bitch.

    Look around you... how many friends do you have? ONE. All because you think you're too good for everyone, so you don't have any anymore. Well guess what, hun? You're not better than everyone, not even close. There is a difference between 'pretty' and 'easy,' and even if you were pretty your vile personality makes you incredibly UGLY. I'm sorry, I just don't see how someone who had an abortion at age 15 can still think so highly of themselves? (and yes, I know it was an abortion, not a 'miscarriage' as you try to tell people... the girl who was your BEST FRIEND at the time told me.)

    Must suck knowing that the guy you love stopped talking to you after he met me... maybe that's because most guys prefer a girl who's not completely self absorbed, doesn't text random guys for attention behind his back, and is down to earth, genuinely nice, naturally pretty without piling bronzer on her face, and actually TALKS to people when they bring you to a party instead of sitting in the corner refusing to speak to anyone because you think you're too good for them, miss 'salty'. (her nickname in my bf's group of friends)

    It's funny... wherever we go my boyfriend always gets a 'nice upgrade!,' 'she's so much nicer than your last gf' or 'your girlfriend is so nice and pretty, good job!'

    Still think you're better than me?

    Oh wait, yeah... you probably do.

  • Wow. What the heck did she do to you?

    • She used by boyfriend and that hurts me because I love him...

  • they are my friends = )

  • It's none of my business, so I wouldn't say anything. There are three sides to every story: one person's viewpoint, the other's, and the truth. Just because your boyfriend is talking smack about his ex doesn't mean he's not exaggerating nor overreacting. And if he's bashing her, if he breaks up with you, he's likely to do the same.

    • I'm not so sure about that. he only told me all about her bad side because I told him to go back to her since he only told me all the good side first.

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