What does my ex want after his relationship ends?

My Ex boyfriend and I are now talking and he keeps telling me he loves me and misses me. He said I should have never broke up with him. (I thought he was cheating on me so I did) anyways.. now he's been going out with her new girlfriend for about 12 days and says he does not know why he is still with her. He tells me she's about to brake up with him just wait. I ask why can't you just brake up with her? He says no. Its better if she brakes up with me?.. After saying he has feelings for me he tells me over the phone he does not know if we can be together after this. I asked what you mean? He does not think we can be together as a couple because I talked sh*t about him to everyone and now everyone hates him and will give him dirty looks.. and if we hang out with friends or something it will be awkward?

The day after he came to my house and we kissed and hugged and acted like we were back together.. but he still has his girlfriend... What is he wanting after his relationship ends with this girl?


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  • You've come to an answer without having the figures to add up

    and I'm saying that because your whole question is void, until you figure out why is he still with his girlfriend and kissing and hugging me

    You accused him off cheating (key word here is accused because that tells me this was ever proved)

    but now he is actually cheating with you

    The integrity of a person is paramount, you'd have to be completely delusional to think that someone cheating with you, won't do the same thing to you once you get together with them.

    ANYWAY from what I've read dear you are his bit on the side and I'd be completely surprised if his relationship with the other girl ended any time soon. But I'm sure he'll keep tellin you it will


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