My girlfriend dumped me and still wants to use what I got for her?

I gave my girlfriend everything even bought her a car on fineance to help her out now she dumped me for someone else and she gave the car back then after a few days she is texting me to get the car back and keep calling me all the time witch I don't answer her calls or texts I think she wants the car but make payments through me but she not with me so what do I do?
I got a car for my girlfriend on fineance witch she made the repayments for it she dumped me and gave the car now she wants the car do I give her the car back?


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  • Ummm, no. I think she lost that privilege when she dumped you. She can't have her cake and eat it too, so to speak. Just tell her the answer is no and to stop calling and texting you.


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  • Dont give it back to her. She dumped you for someone else. I'm surprised you still have the car. I'd have sold that as soon as i got it back.


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  • If the car is in your name sell it

    • The car is in my name but she has been making the repayments on it so is it fair to give it back

    • No she should have thought about that before she started seeing someone else

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