Do you think ex will get in contact?

Me and ex broke up about 6 weeks ago after 2 year relationship. After we split I found out I was pregnant. Ex wasn't keen on being a dad. We began getting close again, spending time & kisses together. I miscarried last week and only seen him once since then. He hasn't called to even ask how I am?! What is going on? Should I just assume r'ship is over and move on? Or do you think he needs space and time?Miss him so much. Thanks in advance ..


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  • Maybe he wasn't keen at the beginning but maybe he started to get used to the idea and happy about it and then finding out you miscarried hurt him a lot. Me and my girlfriend had sex once and I came in her because I had an amazing orgasm and forgot to pull out. We went to Planned Parenthood together and I was really nervous at first but didn't let her know that, I acted confident and strong to keep her calm and show her I would be there for her no matter what. But after like 2 weeks she didn't have her period and I started to really contemplate having a kid, mind you I'm only 20, I was really happy about it actually because I love her. However another week later she had her period and I got extremely depressed and didn't talk to her much for a few days or a week. It wasn;t because I didn't want to be there for her but because I really and gotten used to the idea of her being the mother of my child and I knew seeing her would make me so sad.

    Don't assume the relationship is over, assume he was devastated like you were, assume he is very sad and needs help too. He probably does need time but force yourself into his life and tell him you still care about him and make things go back to the way they were, but don't forget what happened, never forget because it is beautiful.

    • Yes he's probably hurting too, despite telling me that miscarriage was "probably for the best". Thing is we already broke up offically before I even knew I had fallen pregnant so haven't been an actual item through this. It just feels like he wants to move on quick and not speaking to me is the easiest way. I do care for him so much

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