Ladies should I think anything of this or no?

So it's been about a month and a half since My ex and I broke up. She broke up with me.. we were living together and I moved out.. anyway about two weeks ago she called me crying and telling me how angry she was at me because how we had our whole future planned and kids names picked out. (Are breakup was due to a huge fight, where things were said, that she feels we couldn't come back from) .. The other half of the phone call when she wasn't telling me how angry she is at me and telling me she doesn't love me anymore and that this is the last time we speak.. was her being sweet and calling me by the pet name she always used to call me and the softest voice.. Anyway I consoled her and told her she needs sleep. I had a weak moment last week and for the first time since the break up I called her.. guess what.. I'm blocked.. So I assume she did that because she probably felt embrassed when she woke up after she had called me and was on a emotional roller coaster... any way last night around 1am I get a notification that she just liked A post on my Instagram... my profile is public but we don't follow each other and hers is private... anyway when I go to see which post.. she had blocked me on there as well... not sure what to think? Is she just trying to get a reaction out of me? If it helps she's 25... I miss the girl but trying to figure out why she would like a post? Was it so that I saw it and then would realize she blocked me?
Also none of my posts since the breakup are intended for her to feel jealous or anything.. I'm not that jerk guy that does that... it's all been golfing, running and sports related posts or funny things...


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  • Don't overthink!


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