How do I get closure?

I loved my first girlfriend to death. We dated for 13 months. We would visit each other every weekend in college. She told me that we had a future together. However, one day she just decided that it wouldn't work and she broke up with me over text. She cut me off completely, deleting all pictures of me off her social media. A week later, she was already with someone else. I entered a depression, my grades went to shit, and I ended up unenrolling a year later.

She ruined my life. How do I end this?


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  • Really sorry. I know it was be very hurtful for you. But sometimes we can't do anything. You can't control her or make decisions for her. You will have to let go. It's going to hurt. Don't be afraid of emotional pain. We often try to run away from pain but there is no way around it. U have to go though it. But please make sure you don't let it affect ur life negatively. Study hard to take ur mind off this. Ur grades will improve. You are just 19... u will meet plenty of girls


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