Seperated and He Wants Sex?

We have been separated under the same roof for some time until I can find my own place which you can do in my province. You have to not wear your wedding bands, no sex, share gifts, eat and sleep separate, no social activities together, no doing each other's laundry. I've adhered to all of the above. In a couple of days I will be seeing legal advice. He has shown no interest in being intimate up until now. Why does he want sex all of a sudden? And how do I tell him NO which I have, but he still doesn't get it? So frustrated.


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  • If you have sex with him, then it might jeopardize this process.


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  • Apparently lust is in control of him. He doesn't still care about you nor feel intimate. He just feel an urge to have sex with you and i'm sure as soon as he reach his goal and get the pleasure he wants, he will be as cold as he used to be already.

    So just stay strong on your ground and keep him away. Be serious. Push him away. When everything is already separate means everything is separate. He has no right to come anywhere near you. He must respect the boundaries and you must be so firm and concrete to put him down on his seat.

    Good Luck.


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  • Just kick his balls... He wants his platter full... obviously he's sexually thirsty so needs you...

    • Kicking his balls. Lmao!

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    • Good for you!

    • Ya absolutely... It was a relief

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