How to change keyboard on Android?

My older android phone had a good keyboard with all special characters I just needed. I bought an international phone and it has Chinese and (really poor) English keyboard. I'm quite unhappy with it. It also is slow! Sometimes I wait for 4-5 seconds for it to pop up, so non responsive. I miss a quick, user friendly and responsive keyboard! Please help


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  • What android phone do you have? The issue with international phones that have unlocked features is that it really messes up the original product. If you go to your keyboard settings, is there an option where you can go to default settings. Turning off things such as vibrations and sounds also seem to help with speeding lags. Another thing to check out is if you have the most updated keyboard version for your system, after you have the updated one downloaded, try a reboot.

    • I disabled the vibration upon key press function as it's annoying. My phone was cheaper in international version and the fingerprint scanner is not disabled as it is on the US versions. I think it's up to date, just bad. The keyboard on my old android was more comfortable and had all special characters that I needed. This one is Chinese/English only.

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    • Never had a Xperia. Did you try the other suggested opinion in finding a keyboard app? If you've tried all suggested options and nothing really fixed it... gosh I wouldn't know where to go to seek help with fixing your glitch since it's bought overseas... cause my guess is that you have no warranty on it of any sort. Is there like some sort of black market mall around were you live that can perhaps open up your phone and magically figit with it to make it work?

    • I wish there was one. by the way it's bought off amazon. And I got warranty if I send it back to Korea or wherever, that I obviously will not do. It's not faulty. I just want a different keyboard. Don't need one with dancing ponies or stroboscope effect at every keypress. I just want accents.

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  • Easy as downloading a new one from the play store. They are just specialized apps nowadays.


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