Pregnant girlfriend wants to break up?

My friend has a girlfriend. They're 24(girlfriend) and 25(him) now, they're both students. She's pregnant unexpectedly recently. Normally the guy will be worried about it but it's totally different in their case. The girlfriend criticized him because he doesn't like to use protection, she claims it's as unreliable behavior. She wants to give up pregnant AND break up with my friend. He really loves her, even though he said he will use protection next time or if she wants, he can marry her but she still wants to break up. Please help!!! Is it pregnant hormones or she really means it. As a woman, I don't see any big problem here. My friend is really devastated now. Does anyone has the same problem or experience?


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  • I was about to defend her choices for a second, but then I realized... She's just as fucking bad as him.

    There's no "Unexpected Pregnancy" from nothing wearing protection, it may be his fault for not liking protection, but she let it happen without herself taking any type of contraception?
    She's Unreliable just as much as he is.

    Now, the shock might affect her emotion for now, I can see it happening, but the overall reason behind it is simple bullshit.

    • He's her first guy. She sometimes mentions her concerns about this but he said he knows how it works and if he did it right, she couldn't be pregnant. He said to me, he and his ex was like that for 3 years and nothing happened. So basically, she believes him and he also believes himself. They're somehow too naive at their ages -.-

    • I wouldn't let two naive person be together until they mature a bit beforehand.

      I can only suggest for you to respect her choice and allow them to grow up a bit mentally before they start being alone together again, if they still love each other by then that is.

    • Omg, I just talked to her. It's not sure that she's pregnant. She just feel some signs and she's worried too much about that. She said she's sure that she's pregnant this time, just waiting for several days to make the test, and even she's pregnant or not, it's affected her life too much. She couldn't focus on study and work because she's stressful about it. She thinks he doesn't really care about her, he just cares about his feelings because she mentioned about it not only one time but he just said nothing can happen.

  • she wasn't ready to be pregnant yet he should have been smarter and wore a condom just be there for her if she wants to break up with him let her


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  • Protection is both their responsibility but I imagine she's fucking shit scared to be a mum when she's not ready.


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