here's the drill im hobestly at a loss?

I've been with my boyfriend for 10 years we have ups and we have downs as all couples do.
Honestly I've been with him longer than any person in my entire life. He used to be charming and I fucked up not by physically cheating but by "talking" since this he's overly rude unless he wants laid. We do have kids together and a big part of me thinks that's all we have left. So here's my question. Why does he still SAY he loves me but treat me like trash?Heres the drill im hobestly at a loss?


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  • If this relationship is going to survive,, then you 2 love birds are going to need to emotionally connect.

    People who emotionally connect and in love aren't saying mean things or yelling and force feeding their will on each other, but instead are discovering compromising.

    Talk about embracing the same wants, interests's and goals instead of colliding.

    I think it is ok to talk about what it means to connect.

    Society didn't mentor us to understand it,, in my case my parents were never emotionally connected or even loved each other.

    Couples need to operate in good manners and be polite as they navigate through their challenges,, problems will be solved much quicker without verbally colliding.


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  • For me, sometimes the "why" behind someone's actions is irrelevant. I could spend endless time trying to decipher why a guy is doing what he is, but all you really need are the actions because they say everything you need to know. For whatever reason, he isn't letting your mistake go, and honestly, maybe it's for the better, if after 10 years and how many kids you still aren't engaged/married. By forgiving you, he made a choice, so either he's going to let that shit go, or you should let him go, because you can't live in your faults forever. Life's too short.


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  • He might not love you anymore but he loves treating you like shit.

  • You look about 28.

  • Then he does not deserve you're love


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