I don't know what to do, help?

So me and this guy met a few months ago, and after a while we started going out, we were together everyday, but we used to start fighting almost everyday we were together as well, for silliness, but all the while, he said that even with all of it, he would love me still. Until a week ago, right after my bday, he ended things saying he didn't want a relationship. I was devastated, and still am. To so yesterday, he drunk called me and before he said anything directly to me, he kept asking "who are you" over and over till he realised I was pissed. Then he apologised and said he missed me, a lot. And this morning, I texted him asking how he was, for him to say to me that something like that won't happen again. I'm just so heartbroken, I don't know what to do anymore. Help!!


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  • Do not allow this guy to jerk you around, and I only say that because that looks like where things are headed. Unless you want to confront him about his actions and intentions, then I'd block him on everything, no matter how hard it is. If he wants to be done, then you need the space to heal.


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