Why is he holding back?

i met this guy 4mths ago, in the beginning he seemed keen to plan to do things together, then a few weeks on he said he wasn't ready for relationship with me, however he stated he still would like to see me from time to time and in fact this worked out well for the both of us, we talk everyday via webcam, we see each other at least once a week, he has now started to plan things to do together once more, but says he is holding back and the reason is because he is just being cautious, I really am confused and starting to think that he is playing with my head, he has just gone through a messy divorce but has been separated from x wife for nearly 2yrs, I however become a widow 18mths ago so we have both been on an emotional roller coaster for different reasons, why do I feel that I am the only one putting anything into this relationship although he is very kind sweet and attentive he also comes across as being honest and sincere, is it I could be being lead into a dream I have built for myself or is he starting to become a nightmare for me


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  • Hmmm, this is an interesting one. But if he says he's being cautious, chances are that's all it is. Why don't you raise the topic of taking things to the "next level" if you're concerned? By the sounds of things he'll be honest with you and you'll get your answer. If you want more than he does at this stage, you may need to start thinking about moving on.


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