He left me hanging and hurt my feelings!

i really liked this guy and he did too. then he went on his vacation with his dad to new york for a couple of days and texted me twice while he was there, then didn't the remaining couple of days of his vacation. When he got back he acted distant, and when I texted him, he'd give me one word answers and I asked him if I said something wrong. Then he turned it around and asked if I DID something or felt guilty. Then I told what he was talking about, since that's not what I said. SO then I ended it and said I'm going to bed. night. and he ended with alright. night beautiful...

after that everything went downhill we didn't talk to each other, etc...then he walked by me the other day and says hi, so I said hi back. then he said "oh I haven't texted you in awhile. I do that on purpose." there was a silence and he says it was in my trunk. I was so p*ssed I ignored him... I ignored him for the past 2 days after he told me that. Then later he texts me saying " I miss talking to you"..

my question is, he made it seem like he's NOT interested or over me, yet he has the nerve to even text me that, or even say the other thing that he told me.. WHY? It hurts. I still haven't talk to him..


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  • He's playing games with you and probably with other girls too. Time to cut him off for your own good!


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  • I would talk to him. Not like spill your emotions but, I would takl to him. Ask him why he did that and stuff after awhile. Maybe he was just confused or some bullsh*t like that.


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