Is blocking him on social sites a good thing to do?

I'll be honest, I had a crush on him since I started at work, he's like my boss. I didn't told anyone even my bestfriend. I hid it well by myself. He's a shy type guy, nice, gentle, and always trying to encourage me when I don't have any idea what I'm doing from training to being a part time employee. So it's been a year and 5 months that I did my feelings for him because aside from he was my boss, I saw him one time with a girl and my workmate she's his girlfriend, I also don't think he would even notice me when I'm around. But 3 months after he resigned to go school, he added me on fb and message me after days that we became friends in there. He told me a lot, we talked a lot. Chatted day and night. Until, he told me hoping he's not being forward when he told me I'm cute and he likes me, he even told me that he wanted to go lunch but I seems to tend being alone and he's right, I'm a shytype too. And so on, after says that was my turn to tell the truth and he was surprised. So after that, we dated but before the first date he came to work and get me to send home to meet my parents. So it's been few times we dated, and we became boyfriend girlfriend after like 3 weeks of dating. Everything went rush, and after like week, we like calm down and did not see each other and it's considered breakup for us.
Jump to the question. We seems to care genuinely for each other, he's just busy at school and me at work, he's not good at distance he said. And it was hard for me coz I'm ok with it coz i love him, but he's a sad person so probably that's why. I told him not to message me let's cool down the intimate part about us. But he chatted me after week saying he loves me so much. I thought everythinh was ok now, but suddenly he stopped communicating. So I message him after days like that that i will leave him alone and i think it's best for us. I love him and i was happy with him. So now, do i block him? It's killing me inside. I miss him but I'm not sure if he feel the same way. I don't know 😢


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  • Don't block him.

    • You think so? I don't want to either. It's just that I thought I'm bothering him

    • He's lucky to have someone so caring.

    • He's depressed, but yeah I still want him in my life, like after he graduate, I'm willing to wait just like him to me but we're in distance, and he's not really good at that, although he's trying. I so care for him. And made all things and trying to make him so happy. But he's just happy when I'm around, if I'm not he feels down. I don't know how to make him happy. I always checked on him, sometimes I'm thinking he might be just in bed now, watching movies or surfing in the internet, I hope he would like go out and have fun. A lot.

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