Guys and girls: Why is my ex boyfriend ignoring me?

My ex boyfriend and I split in February. We hooked up a couple of times since, the last being 3 mos ago. We have always stayed in contact, remained on friendly terms. We talked on the phone 3 weeks ago. I sent him a couple of friendly texts since then, and they warranted a response, but he hasn't responded. I'm confused as to why he's suddenly ignoring me? Why wouldn't he tell me if he's either seeing someone, or if he even wants me to let him be? This ignoring crap is so lame, and it hurts! Answers please, and be nice! Thanks.


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  • OK, chances are he has found some one else. Remember he's your ex for a reason. Hooking up those couple of times has just cemented it for him that he's not interested in getting back with you. He's not telling because he doesn't want to hurt you, so you're just going to have to let it go...

    • Well he's hurting me by ignoring me. We were always open with each other, and when we talked 3 weeks ago he said he wasn't seeing anyone because work has been stressful and busy. I don't think he's seeing anyone else. My friend is dating his roommate and she is always there. She told me he hasn't been seen with anyone, or does he talk about anyone. I would hope he would just be a man and tell me. Guess he isn't a man....

    • Maybe he's not seeing anyone else, but he has stopped contact for a reason. Sounds like you're still very much into him. Just give it some time and who knows what might happen, good luck.

    • It's true that I'm still into him, and he knows that, so he avoids me. But it makes sense because he has told me that he can't give me what I want, so instead of keeping in contact and "leading me on", he chooses to cut me out. I don't think he'll resurface in my life, because I was hurt and in denial, so I did some stupid things like texting him, most recently last Sunday. I've been pretty weak, but I know it's part of the whole "break up" thing I need to get through. :)

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  • Ignoring means he feels guilty for leading you on.

    • Hmmm, never thought of that. Even though I have told him I have moved on (deep down I really haven't), he knows that I haven't, so he's afraid to continue talking to me. It makes sense. Thanks for your comment :)

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