My girlfriend is on the verge of breaking up with me because I made a mistake... How can I repair what I did?

I had a fight with my girlfriend of 5 months, about 2 weeks ago. She'd made plans with her friends on that weekend but I thought she was going to see me. I was already in a bad mood so I overreacted and took it out on her, said things like "your friends are more important to you.". That sparked a huge argument and it caused her anxiety. She suffers from anxiety so she said she felt hurt and bullied when I was mean to her during the fight. I apologised a lot, admitted I was wrong and things got settled. But after that, she got gloomy. Which was understandable because it was all still fresh in her mind. We saw each other 3 times after that fight and it all seemed good. Now last night, she said she's having a hard time getting past all the anxiety that fight gave her and now she isn't sure about continuing on the relationship. She didn't exactly say she was going to break up with me but it definitely isn't looking good. I kept asking her what she wants but all she said was "I don't know what to do". But this morning she sent me the regular good morning message with a kiss and now we're just kinda talking. But not the way we usually do. What do I do here? I know I'm at fault and she's not overreacting. She genuinely has anxiety issues and she keeps saying she's scared she won't be able to get past our fight and things won't go back to normal. Is there anything I can do to redeem myself? Thanks in advance for the suggestions!


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  • First you have to see her and take her hand. Softly say to her you'll never do that again. Now look, this can't be an empty promise. You can't ever do it again. No matter what. I'm just saying, if you do get past this, you won't get past a second time.

    • Man I've apologised a lot and I can't explain how much I'm regretting saying all that. I now realise how much she means to me. I've told her I won't do it again but she keeps saying she's having a hard time getting that trust level back. I don't know what to do here

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    • I can't get it here, but go to Google plus and check out trust on there and they got sayings that will get you through once and even twice

    • Cheers mate, much appreciated!

  • tell her if this is how u ll react when i make a mistake then maybe we r not made for each others" and back off. this will either give her a nudge or end tbings and in all cases it woupd be for the best

  • Give it time, or move along


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