Could therapy help get over a break up?

About 2 months ago I got dumped from a 9 month on/off relationship. The girl is with someone else. Won't get into, but it happened at a VERY BAD time. I got short ended big time.

Anyway I did contact her occasionally. She told me she still wanted to stay "friends" and for me to call her. I was like bullsh*t! and shook me head at the time cause I didn't want to get chumped into the friend zone. Disrespectful.

Truth is I am struggling to stop talking to her. The longest I went was 3.5 weeks. The prob is she is always really sweet when I text her. I almost don't want her to be that way. I want her to give me a reason to dislike her and/or have her come back to me romantically. This "in between" is torture for me.

Being a grown man I can't go around complaining about this. But the truth she is on my mind constantly...still. I HATE it. I want it to end. I want her erased from my mind. I tried to move on by my willpower just isn't holding up. Should I get counseling?

I have been dating other women but I haven't gotten sex in about 3 months. Maybe getting laid would help a bit?


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  • yes...therapy has helped me through two really bad breakups! just know that your first time going you may not like the person you go might want to make an appointment with at least 2 counselers to make sure you get the right fit and you are most comforatble with the person you are talking to ...i highly reccomend therapy.


What Guys Said 1

  • By therapy do you mean by 'talking' to a psychologist about your problems? If so then that would be a great way to go! In fact, everyone should go see one. It helps to talk about your issues with someone who is out side your circle.

    Sex could help you if your still thinking about her like that. There's nothing like another women to take your mind off the one your constantly thinking about. But sex is different with everyone. It could back fire if your emotionally weak.

    I know people who haven't spoken to their ex for months after dating them 2+ years, who haven't had any booty in over 8 months who are solid as a rock! Don't get yourself down if your not 'getting some'. Everyone goes through their phases. Keep your head up...take care buddy!


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