What is a good conversation starter?

So I really like this guy. We used to talk but then he moved away. He recently added me on Facebook and I really want to talk to him. What should I talk to him about? He already asked how I was and what's been going on but we only talked for a little cause I had to go. So what should I talk to him about now?


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  • So, how's the weed out there?


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  • Maybe say 'How's _____' as in where he moved to. Do you plan on seeing him again someday? Or, not to be rude, how come you still like him? Forgive me, but I've never done long-distance. :)

    • He moved back. Now he lives like 10 min away. Haha this might sound superficial but I think he's hot and he was always really nice

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    • Glad I could help:) Good luck!

    • Thanks!

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