My ex-boyfriend posts depressive things and sad love songs. What does that mean?

We had the most beautiful relationship but then he said he was not in love with me anymore and wanted to be friends and I left and told him not to call me unless his feelings change. He promised me not to and said he will always love me and didn't really want me to leave. So I went no contact and it's been 10 days, since then he's been posting really sad things about depression and waiting, fears etc and love songs with a rather sad but hopeful and very loving content. I also got his friend texting me out of the blue asking how I'm doing and if I feel better. Yet he never contacts me. What does that all mean guys? He clearly said he was not in love anymore and didn't want a relationship yet acts this strange. Any ideas? Thanks in advance I'd really appreciate any input, especially guys opinion.


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  • Sounds like he's hopeful you'll come around. His friend was conciliatory. What kind of a relationship he wants, I dunno. Maybe he loves you as a friend but doesn't feeling the romance.
    Seems to be reveling in pity at the mo.

    • Thank you for your reply. You see I clearly told him that I don't want and cannot be his friend and I'll never come back unless his feelings change and he let's me know. He said okay I won't bother you until they do and then said he hoped I would come in his dreams. Isn't that a strange thing to say to a girl who as you say you only see as a friend? Anyway I left and he hasn't heard from me 10 days. And he does all these things now. And the song he posted clearly wasn't something you'd send for a friend. It's about kissing, loving, missing and that the nights for him are just as empty as they are for me. I'm very confused and don't know what to think. Could he lie that he wasn't in love with me? Mind game or revenge for something that I said in the past? And I did say sone hurtful things to him.

    • I can understand why you're confused. I don't see what his intention is.

    • Well if even a man cannot see what his intention is then I really have all the reason to be heavily confused. Can guys lie that they are not in love? For whatever reason? To teach us a lesson or something? Or to make us run after them?

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