I don't know if my ex boyfriend really loved me. He really loved me or he loved the idea of having me?

We were argureing all the time and I can't trust him anymore because he goes to nightclub without me till 3 am and he always says me that he dance alone. and it's bloody impossible. I found photo with naked woman on his phone accidentally.
before he didn't care when I touch his phone cos he was clear for everything. now he gets angry when I touch. he always tells me not funny jokes, like If he is single, he'd have sex with my russian friend. and he knows she likes him. Russins are beautiful and you are not beautiful but sweet.
I got angry but he was laughing and said me '' when you get angry, you're so cute.''
he didn't listen to me serious.
he always ask me for buy something but he never bought me anything. I don't wanna get paranoid or worry So I decided to going back to own country secretly.
4 days ago I put a letter I wrote why I left him then I went to my friend's home 1 night. then he called me like 100times more but I didn't answer.
next day, I went to airport but he was waiting for me. he was crying and telling me he really loves me, he can't live without me and don't make him alone. and he'll marry me and have kids. I had to go because my flight go soon but he hugged me and he took my hand and was going to take me back but 5 police officers came. then they took him away. 5 min later he sent me message that '' You lost me go to hell ''
then he blocked me.
before this thing happend, he said me if I go back to my country, it's hurt him and he doesn't want to be alone.
I don't really understand why he texted me that '' you lost me go to hell'' and blocked me after I went inside. If he really loves me, he'd never say me to go to hell and block me 5 min later I broke up with him.
1 day later, he unblocked me. He told me before that he never got dumped from any girls before, he always breakup first. but I dumped him first so maybe he's angry.


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  • Most people love their own self when they are loved. It feeds their ego. I don't know what was your case and I wouldn't recommend you to dig into your past - it's past. Leave it be.


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