My only friend broke up with me because I'm crazy - How to deal with it?

Since I can imagine I just couldn't get along with girls, I'm shy and they get quickly mad at me.. but I got along well with boys. So whenever I had friends I got close guy friends and the females were more like acquaintances. As a child I had one best friend but then he's got a girlfriend and I was cut out of his life. Then a few years later (me being 14) I met a guy who was a friend of someone and we were hanging out sometimes but then I realised that he wanted more than me so I tried to make it clear that I'm not interested and I really tried my best to not hurt him..

It took me some time to get over the last two guys (rather the first one) and almost 8 years after the second one I met a new guy. We had a great time and then he told me that he likes me.. I was again not interested and tried really hard to not fuck it up again.. i took some time and we tried to be friends again.. it was an on-off-friendship for the last year. The last "crisis" was like 3 months ago so I thought "Ok, it's working great, we're having fun again and there are no problems.. wow we're through the shit and be normal now."

We've met today, it was really fun and an hour ago he texted me that I should really get a boyfriend but he wishes me luck with that because I'm crazy..
I actually am planning to see a psychiatrist, but I don't know what to think.. please help I'm broken and he was my only real friend

ps: I've never had a boyfriend because I've never met someone who I had feelings for.
My only friend broke up with me because I'm crazy - How to deal with it?
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