My boyfriend of ten years cheated on me. Do you think he is sorry?

My boyfriend and I have been together for ten years he is also my best friend. I am 26 years old he is 36 . Any way he cheated on my 3 times with the same girl . It was a girl he met in a chat line on the computer , he didn't even tell me he cheated I found out from a text message she sent his phone at 1am so I called her and she told me they ( hung out) a few times and had sex 3 times . When I confronted him on it he told me that it was true but they only had sex twice ( like that makes it any better) .. I no that's a lie anyway I think she told me the truth. Anyway he said he was really sorry and that it didn't mean nothing and it just happen . I'm having a really hard time with all this cause he is my first love of my life and he means the world to me I feel so be trade I'm trying to forgive him but he don't seem like he is even sorry about it every time I ask him anything about it I catch him in little lies so if he was really sorry he would tell me the truth right? please help

i dumped him last night and I was not nice about it . he didn't even get upset .. but then today he tried to act like we was still together and hang out I'm like what the hell?


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  • First off, not that this necessarily matters, but he's only cheated on you once. One girl = one cheat. Cause, otherwise where does it end? If he's been with her for 6 months and they had sex 110 times, does that mean he's cheated 110 times? No.

    Secondly, he's acting the way he is, because he's not really worried about you leaving him. You've been with him since you've been a teenage girl. He doesn't feel as if he has anything to worry about.

    Why are you putting up with this behavior? He's cheated and he continues to lie. It just happened? His penis just happened to implant itself in her vagina, her mouth, and where ever else, over and over again? Please, stop being naive. Don't take this abuse anymore (yes abuse), kick him to the curb. You need to grow up and gain some self worth and confidence.

    Remember, he's not going to tell you the truth because he doesn't see any reason to. If he ignores the problem, he thinks it will eventually just go away. Prove him right. He's the problem, make him go away!

    • U was right about him not worring about me leaveing cuase no matter what I never have . and its not that I can't get any one eles I no a lot of guys that like me and there really hot to its just that I was so deep inlove with him but I'm not going to be lied to .. to me that is worse then the cheating I can't be with someone like that

    • Good for you! Do yourself a favor the next time around. Find someone closer to your own age. You'll have fewer problems. Good luck.

    • Yeah when I met him I was 16 and he was like 26 LOL

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  • If you think this is the first time he's cheated on you, you are being naive. He's prob been cheating on you since the start. It's just finally got to the stage where he has been caught, which means he's been doing it so much he doesn't give a cr*p about you anymore. Get rid and go find yourself someone good, I think you deserve it for yourself.


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  • yeah, you should get rid of him. find someone closer to your own age... and make sure they have some morals or religious beliefs (that's what I did). good luck


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