Am I crazy to still be in love with my ex girlfriend?

So I recently spent a weekend with my ex girlfriend because I moved out of state 6 months ago. We got a hotel room, did dinner and all that good stuff. It was the first time we have hooked up since the break up without saying "I love you" to each other. We broke up May 2016 and I thought I was over it. So I figured I could just do this and not get too attached. But when she went home I just sunk to the floor. I felt like the weekend I spent with her was so much more emotionally connected than any other time that I've spent with her (post breakup). Mind you this was also the first time I had seen her in 9 months. Without her I have no interest in any kind of dating, love or anything along those lines. I just really want to know if I'm crazy for still being in love with this girl.


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  • Getting over your ex takes time, and if you spend a whole weekend together, go on dates and have sex, that basically resets the clock. You're not crazy, but you're not taking the necessary steps to get over her.


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  • Yup. Crazy in the head. And she's probably just giving you sympathy sex.

    You'll feel a lot better about everything if you have other options. 'One-itis' is a horrible place to be. Desperation - women can sense it a mile away - and it ain't pretty.


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