There's this girl I really like, but don't know what to do! Help! Girls' opinions will really help!

Okay she's extremely hot but that's not just why I like her, but I won't go into detail about that part right now., so she lives two hours away, but I know her personally, not just over the internet. I really like her but don't know how to tell her, she's been in and out of relationships for a while it seems, so I never really know if she's single. She'll be in town soon, and I'd like to let her know I like her and I'd like to ask her out. How could I flirt with her before she come to town? I'm friends with her on facebook and myspace, what could I send her in the way of messages to flirt with her without being over the top about it? Girls, how would you like to be flirted with and asked out in this situation?


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  • Just start with little things. Call her cute names, put kisses on the messages. Let her know you're looking forward to seeing her. Say something like 'Hey you, can't wait to see you this weekend :) xx' If she responds well, then you know you can be more flirty and obvious. Then you can call her gorgeous or another complimentary name of your choice, she'll get the message. Then just be honest when you see her, tell her what you think about her and say you'd like to go out. Honest flattery works best! Good luck (:


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  • well girls think its sweet when guys are nerveus sometimes,so just casually ask to tal;k to her and tel her how you feel,she will understand.Just tell her something sweet and creative that you like about her and you will be sold


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