I want to email my ex, but not sound needy?

I have not been in contact with my ex in one month..he contacted me two weeks ago to tell me he still cares about me...I wasn't ready then to talk. I would like to email him to see how he is doing?...I think I am ready for casual conversation not friendship but maybe a stepping stone to that...I want to email him but I don't want to come across as needy or something he broke up with me...what should I do or say?


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  • first off you still have feelings for him, you're interested to see how he is doing...he has said that he still cares about you...you need to understand that a friendship will not work if one or both of you still care deeply about each other...you need to take things SLOWLY because someone will end up getting hurt again.

    BUT if you want to try and do this whole friendship thing, first thing you ened to do is ask yourself if you'd be upset if he was seeing another girl or ifhe'd be upset with you seeing another guy...this is going to conclude if one or both of you are ready for "friendship"

    if you wanna casually email him and say what's up simply do that...dont over analyze the situation here it should be an easy hello how are you...

    say something like "hey so remember that time when we, blah blah, well this happened adn I was thinking of you how funny is that..." try to be friendly, funny, show that you're doing OK and good...dont make it seem like you think about him 24/7 if that's not what your looking for...or a simple, hey what's up would be suffice...

    just remember to take things SLOWLYYYYYYYYYYYYY...it was the turtle who won the race, NOT the rabbit!

    hope this helps, good luck!


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  • Whatever you send, make sure its a neutral comment (no feelings, not emotional) and make sure its positive. I would not text back immediately, I would wait a couple days to see what's in it for you to even text this guy back.


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