Breaking up when you owe money?

If you owed money to your ex, would you take a loan just so you could pay them off immediately, and not have it be an issue? Or pay them off when you can?

Would it depend on the severity of the breakup?

Lets say you owe between $2000 and $5000.


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  • Lol... its best to just stick around eh... extend the loan repayment time.
    if its that necessary to break up, then find some way to repay, like you said, take out a loan or something so the break up is clean.
    I mean, when you break up, you cut off all ties... owing money is a tie.


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  • You shouldn't owe money ever in a relationship. If my ex called me wanting money from me I would simply hang up. You don't need to give men money at any time. If you gave him money and want it back, you should learn your lesson from this and never let a man be bummy off you

    • Woah lol thats harsh so you wouldn't pay him back the money you owed him?

    • Well hell. I mean all these people try to make relationships out to be a busi ness these days like dating talking Bout splitting the bill like it's a bro. Wtf seriously. Whatever happened to paying for a date. And of something needs to be covered help your partner out and cover it. Not draw up loan papers. People don't really connect anymore just a business transaction. I'd rather spend my time loving someone, not following them around keeping a tab

    • Why "borrow" money from someone in the first place. Just be together and one unit.

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  • Ouuuuu 2k-5k
    Someones been leaching off boyfriend lol

    Pay him back however you like. A loan sure that works

    • Leeching? Mind your own business. This is money for the deposit i didn't have when we rented our apartment together. An apartment. Not trivial things.

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    • Lol
      It's not important how you pay but that you pay him... so however... even if it's like 100 bucks a month sometimes
      That's ok

      If you wanna do the loan you can but then remember you'll be interest so you'll end up paying more than 5k
      Just pay him slowly I guess

    • You'll be paying interest**

  • You should always pay off your debt, no matter what the amount is. A person's promise is everything. It's better to pay back as soon as you can.

    • Exactly. Hence my question.. Why do people tell me its best to pay it back? My question was how i best do exactly that.

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    • How do you say it in English.. I work at a book store. So i'm a sales assistant specialized in books.

      Not the highest pay, but better than what you get in usa doing the same job. :)

    • Where are you from?

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  • I would pay back ASAP


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